Benefits of Mobile FEES


  • COST:  Significantly less than MBS/VFSS - about a fifth of the cost
  • Prompt service delivery- we respond within 24-48 hours of your request
  • NO travel is necessary for your patient with mobile FEES
  • Patients are assessed at beside or utilizing their own seating equipment in their natural eating position in familiar surroundings and staff 
  • Can be performed on morbidly obese patients (unlike MBS) or kyphotic or medically fragile patients that could not tolerate transport to MBS procedure
  • Can be performed on patients with a tracheostomy tube or ventilator dependent 
  • FEES usually takes 20-30 minutes, so a patient can still participate in scheduled OT/PT/ST if applicable, to meet RUG daily requirements (applicable in the SNF setting)
  • Primary SLP can attend and collaborate with us which minimizes a delay in treatment planning  (e.g., initiation of diet modifications, strategies, etc) 
  • NO radiation exposure
  • REAL food is utilized during the procedure
  • NO barium is used that can alter taste, consistency and viscosity 
  • Extremely accurate and valid results to avoid and/or minimize costs associated with hospital readmissions, treatment of aspiration pneumonia  
  • MORE sensitive than VFSS/MBS despite the .4 second "white out" during the swallow with FEES impacting view of aspiration DURING the swallow.   However, research indicates this occurs only 2-3% of the time.   MBS interpretation may be mislabeled as "during the swallow" as the swallow mechanism cannot be viewed directly for accurate interpretation.  
  • Sensory testing may be performed to determine airway protection competency
  • View of pharyngeal secretions to assess tolerance, assess tolerance, management of and impact of pharyngeal secretions on swallow function
  • DIRECT view of vocal fold status, movement and airway protection
  • IMMEDIATE results and recommendations for you to implement including a written report at the end of the procedure for your record