What Locations Do you Serve?

We provide FEES in acute care and rehabilitation hospitalis, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, LTACHs, and physician clinics.  We are based in Ada County and MOBILE to serve you facility in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Who is a Candidate for FEES?

FEES can be performed  on any patient including those with dementia, various feeding tubes, isolation precuations, supplmental oxygen, ventilator dependent, tracheostomy tubes, speaking valves and medically complex patients.  The only exemptions that may contraindicate FEES include bilateral nasal obstruction; facial, maxillary or nasal fractures or severe epistaxis.  

Do you use Topical Anesthesia?

This depends on the patient, the patient's comfort level and medical history.  We have the option to utilize topical anesthesia if needed and ordered by the physician.  

How Do I Gain Access to your Services?

Contact us via email or phone and we will set up a meeting with you and/or your facility Administrator to obtained a signed contractual agreement for our services.  Once a contract is signed, we provide a "Welcome Packet," with additional information regarding referral process  for the Endoscopist in your area as well as billing information. 

How Does my Facility Get Billed?

FEES procedure is considered a Speech Language Pathology therapy cervice (CPT Code 92612).  All therapy services fall under consolidated Billing rulesas of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.  If a FEES procedure is completed in the subacute setting, we bill the facility directly per CMS guidelines.  

Can I bill for my time during the FEES?

Yes.  The treating Speech Pathologist can bill all time during the FEES excluding scope time.  

How do I Convince My Administrator?

We have developed resources targeting the financial benefits of FEES.  Contact us today and we can provide you with the information that will prove you case.  We can help!